on Aug 23, 2013

In Ground Pounders, you don’t fight with cards…but the cards definitely help you fight!

Think you might need some orbital support?  Or supplies dropped to an isolated unit?  Maybe you just need to have your troops fight harder, under a truly inspired leader?

If so, you’d better hope that you have unlocked some of those Combat Cards and put them in your Battle Deck!

You earn Combat Cards by winning in Combat! Victories, both in Battles and Campaigns, will add Cards to your collection.

From there you can customize and save various Decks to use when and where you see fit.  Think you have a tough defensive battle coming up?  Craft a Deck with a lot of defensive and dice boosters in it.  Want to go full blitz?  Stack your deck with attack bonuses and supply extenders!

Every round, you will play Cards during various phases and draw Cards back up to a full hand at the start of every turn.  Some Combat Cards only work during certain phases. And while no single Card will win the war, the right Card at the right time can swing the Battle in your favor long enough for you to gain some serious ground!