on Aug 22, 2013

Ground Pounders is a war game with the accent on playability. Our goal is to deliver the flavor and the feeling of being a high-ranking general in a fully fleshed-out science fiction universe…but let you skip all the paper work!

The game-play is light, with just a couple steps of detail above the games of the classic Panzer General series from the 1990’s.  We’ve thrown in things like basic Supply, Air-to-Air Combat, and Unit Attributes, as well as a cool dice mechanic that abstracts the process of giving your best Supplies and Leaders to the Units that you think will need them most, in anticipation of what might happen in the next round of combat.

When playing in Campaign Mode, you will want to keep an eye out for the survivability of your core Unit, as you will be trying to carry that Unit from Battle to Battle.  As Units gain experience, they can either be upgraded to reflect bigger and better equipment, or have Abilities added to their repertoire.

Campaigns will be drawn from the history of the SotSverse, and give you are real feel for what things were like on the ground while the big ships duked it out between the stars.